Methylamine hydrochloride CAS 593-51-1

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Methylamine hydrochloride CAS 593-51-1 Product details

Methylamine Hydrochloride is a colorless organic solid that has an odor similar to that of fish and is used as an essential part for the synthesis of a wide variety of commercial compounds such as ephedrine, theophylline and other intermediates for a wide range of agricultural chemicals, including herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, biocides, and miticides. Methylamine hydrochloride is also a key ingredient in the synthesis of methamphetamine

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Methylamine hydrochloride CAS 593-51-1 Application/Use

Methylamine is used as a building block for the synthesis of other organic compounds. It is on the DEA watchlist for chemical precursors because of clandestine use in manufacture of the drug MDMA (ecstasy) and methamphetamine.
The HCl salt is in the form of white deliquescent crystals, and is frequently substitutable for the aq. soln. in many synthesis preparations. Methylamines are used directly as catalysts or as raw materials to produce other compounds with catalytic activity. Fuel additives are used to improve engine performance in a variety of ways. Trimethylamine is used to make paper chemicals. The manufacture of intermediates to make pharmaceuticals is one of the most diverse uses of methylamines.

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Methylamine,Methylamine hcl,Methylamine hydrochloride,cas 593-51-1,cas 593511, 593-51-1,Methylamine solution





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Methylamine hydrochloride



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White Powder


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