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Copper Chromite CAS 12018-10-9 Product details

Copper chromite is a black, tetragonal powder that is insoluble in water. It is prepared by the heating to 400°C of copper(II) chromate(VI).

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Copper Chromite CAS 12018-10-9 Application/Use

Copper chromite is primarily used as a catalyst for hydrogenation reactions because of its ability to hydrogenate functional groupsin aliphatic and aromatic compounds selectively. Industrially, copper chromite used to reduce furfural to furfuryl alcohol and butyraldehyde to 1-butanol, partially reduce conjugated dienes to monoenes, and selectively reduce carbonylgroups in vegetable oils. This CuCr catalyst is studied for a variety of catalytic applications including converting the hydrogenolysis of cellulose.It is also used as a catalyst for combustion to help control burn rate and as alight-absorbing pigment.

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Copper Chromite



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Black Powder


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